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Occupying a charming converted stable building, the play therapy space offers a cosy and contained base as well as a light and airy inviting environment with views of, and opportunities for children to work outdoors.

Colourful rugs contrast with the solid wood floors, white painted ceiling and exposed beams of this traditional building. Children can choose from an array of toys and materials including sand, clay, a play kitchen, DIY work bench, dollshouse, puppets, dressing-up clothes, resources for potion making and messy play, games, arts and crafts, lego and musical instruments. 

The solid brick walls and soft furnishings of this inviting therapy space provide clients with the safety, warmth and cosy containment necessary to explore difficult feelings, safe in the knowledge that the therapist and therapy space can contain them. 

The Stables are reached by a magical path and lots of steps, adding to its sense of awe and wonder.

The Stables Play Therapy space is located in the Hythe, Colchester. Sue also travels to schools and organisation throughout East Anglia to provide play therapy sessions.

Play Therapy Space: Service
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