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Settle Down for a Spot of Mindfulness

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

With many of us beginning to settle into some form of lockdown routine, this simple glitter jar activity could be worth a try. Either make together as a family, or children (and adults) can create their own individual glitter jars for self-settling and soothing.

I’m not a fan of glitter because of its environmental impacts, so an alternative could be using natural treasures such as seedpods, petals and leaves but this will obviously need to be replaced each time it becomes cloudy as the contents start to disintegrate. Although this has the downside of being short lived, a possible advantage is the child’s ability to revisit this on a regular basis, each time picking what things to add, according to how they feel.

Another alternative could be using buttons, beads, pea shingle and sequins (plastic I know) if you have these. I also want to experiment with making a dried contents version, using sand and out of date foodstuffs such as continental lentils and rice. Obviously with food currently in short supply this may not be an option or appropriate now.

Although originally intended as an activity for children, I’m sure there are adults and families who could benefit from creating a settling jar for self-calming, practicing mindfulness and exploring and understanding emotions in these unsettling times.

Click here for the full instructions on how to create your own glitter jar for calming and settling difficult emotions.

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