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Sue has worked with numerous schools, Social Workers, parents and foster carers supporting children with  a range of emotional, trauma and behavioural difficulties. Here is some feedback from satisfied customers:

"Sue worked with a child in our school for a period of 30 weeks.  She kept us fully up to date with his progress in both verbal and written form.  Sue was wonderful at talking to the parents, she ensured they understood what she was doing and helped to reassure them about the process.  Sue provided the class teacher with strategies in how to support the child she was working with during times of transition.  This was vital and ensured that the child’s behaviour didn’t impact on the class. 

Sue was professional in her manner and the other staff felt very comfortable having her work within the school on a regular basis. Sue’s work has been invaluable in preventing a child being at risk of exclusion at our school." Primary School Head

"Thank you for the help you’ve given us. My child is enjoying seeing you and has been much happier at home and visits. Thank you for helping him work through things." Parent

"Thank you for your input and assistance to these children over the recent months, I know that they’ve greatly enjoyed working with you. I really appreciate all you have done" Primary School Head

"I would like to say a big thank you for all the work you’ve done with the girls. I feel that it has helped them immensely." Parent

"Many thanks for your support and hard work with regards to the children , it is clear that the children have benefited from play therapy and this has supported them with the emotional wellbeing." Social Worker


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