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As well as the charming converted Stables, where sessions typically begin and end, the Stables boasts a magical natural environment for clients to access. During sessions children might choose to use the play kitchen and role-play resources, play games, draw and paint or enjoy the cosy containment of the white brick and timber-clad building with exposed beams. Alternatively, they can explore outdoors, spotting frogs and dragonflies from the pondside decking; venturinng up the treehouse and tree top walkway; following the woodland path; resting in the nest; releasing energy on the trampoline; crossing the 'wibbly wobbly' walkway or simply sitting listening to the rustling leaves of the surrounding trees.


Occupying an original stable building, the play therapy space offers a light and airy inviting environment as well as views of, and opportunities for children to work outdoors in the outdoor therapy space.

Colourful rugs contrast with the solid wood floors, white painted ceiling and exposed beams of this traditional building. Children can choose from an array of toys and materials including sand, clay, a play kitchen, DIY work bench, dollshouse, puppets, dressing-up clothes, resources for potion making and messy play, games, arts and crafts and musical instruments. 

The Stables are reached by a magical path and lots of steps, adding to its sense of awe and wonder.


Once a therapeutic alliance has been developed and limits set, clients can venture into the outdoors therapy area where they can access an array of spaces, each with their own character and feel. 

An outdoor base, draped with fabric and cosy blankets provides a perfect spot for nature watching, practicing sit spots and transient art.  From this base clients can explore the nearby pond, watching the frogs and dragonflies; venture down the woodland walk; climb on logs; enjoy the view from the treehouse; go on a nature trail collecting natural treasures to explore and make pictures with; transform messy materials; bounce on the trampoline; swing on a rope swing; play hide and seek; enjoy role play; or sit quietly noticing the sounds and sights of the natural environment.

As children get to know these outdoors spaces they develop confidence and mastery as well as noticing seasonal changes. An enriching therapy space, the outdoor environment has the ability to be very calming and yet also energy giving. Working in the outdoors also offers excellent opportunities for children to self-regulate, develop mastery, explore change and develop a strong and enduring attachment to Mother Nature.


Children can enjoy the view from the treehouse, spot frogs in the pond, bounce on the trampoline or cross the wibbly wobbly walkway!

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