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Delivering award-winning training and workshops

An award-winning trainer, I deliver tailor made in-house training packages for organisations looking to introduce, maintain or improve their working practices.  All training, workshops and presentations use a combination of theory, practice and case studies to engage different learning styles and deliver knowledge, skills and competence.

Building upon my extensive research, published books and clinical work I favour a lively approach with hands-on activities and opportunities for reflection to embed learning.

I can provide a range of cost effective bespoke courses tailored to client's needs, to help support, develop, enhance and maintain the skills and experiences of professionals, key workers, parents and foster carers.  In-house training can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the service.  Examples of workshops include:

  • Embedding therapeutic practice in schools,

  • Understanding children's communication using Messy play

  • Planning for and meeting children's sensory engagement needs.

  • Building attachment through Theraplay-inspired approaches

  • Using the COMPASS approach to deliver attachment/improve therapeutic prcartice?

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